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BISO (International Biennial of Sculpture of Ouagadougou) is the first event dedicated to the promotion of African contemporary sculptors in Africa. The ambition of BISO is to present to the art lovers and the art market actors (curators, galleries, collectors, journalists, etc.) the quality and variety of African contemporary sculpture and to consolidate its place on the art market.

The biennial aims to become a key event for Africa and its diaspora, dedicated to sculpture in all its forms and combining ancient African art with contemporary artworks. The Biennial wants to reveal the dynamism of young African sculptors, whether they are part of tradition or they apart from ethnic or political considerations.


The choice of BISO focused on Burkina Faso for its rich cultural heritage and its tradition of bronze sculpture. Choosing a country that has been a victim of terrorism and a member of the GS5 Sahel group is a committed act by:

  • the desire to talk about art and creation in a troubled area
  • the importance of valuing and promoting a rich heritage
  • the interest of highlighting the artists whose role contributes to changing perceptions about culture and difference.


The first edition of the Biennial BISO will be held from October 8th to 15th 2019 in Ouagadougou. The Biennial will be divided into four events:

• an EXHIBITION OF SCULPTURES presenting the works of both young and more established artists. After a selection by the committee, including the artist Siriki Ky, the sculptures of about fifteen artists will be exhibited from October 8th to November 15th 2019 at the French Institute in Ouagadougou. A jury will give a price to the artist who responded the best to the theme of the biennial: «DARE TO INVENT THE FUTURE» (Thomas Sankara). The members of the jury are: Barthélémy Toguo (artist), Abdoulaye Konaté (artist), Soly Cissé (artist), Félix Frachon (gallery) and Gervanne Colboc (collector).

CONFERENCES at the French Institute in collaboration with IESA, open to the public, for artists and art professionals about the following subjects:
– artistic training in Africa
– promotion of artists
– legal context
– design in Africa

OFF exhibitions organized by François Deneulin. Visits of studios, meeting with artists and designers are planned in different locations in Ouagadougou during the biennial, in order to promote the artists and cultural centers of the city

• an EDUCATIVE PROGRAM for the local population and students. Organized by art mediation professionals, this program aims to raise awareness about classical and contemporary African art with:
– a discovery tour of the bronze sculptors in Ouagadougou
– an introduction to contemporary African sculpture with a tour of the exhibition with some of the artists exhibited
– educational activities : sculpture creation and writing

Quartier des bronziers, Ouagadougou